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Strategy of the Week!

APT Therapist have decided to start a series of blog posts. These will be helpful parenting strategies that includes tips from our own APT Associates as well as helpful resources we have come across. Many APT Associates are parents as well, so we know how challenging and joyful parenting can be! We hope you find these strategies helpful as we did!

Strategy of the Week

1. During meal time, wait silently for your child to show or tell you something.  Then, comment with interest on what he said or did.  Wait for him to talk again.

2. When your child is pretending, observe what his play is about.  Then, join in and take on a pretend role that builds on his play.  Remember to let him lead.

3. Encourage your child to “read” a book at his own pace. Spend more time on the pages he’s interested in and wait to let him comment. When he does, respond with interest.

4. When shopping with your child watch closely to see what interests him.  Then, stop and talk about what has caught his attention.

Reference:Hirsh-Pasek, K., & Burchinal, M. (2006). Mother ad caregiver sensitivity over time: Predicting language and academic outcomes with variable- and person-centered appropraches. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 52(3), 449-485.