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Therapy Moments: Easy Communication Builders

Child Having Speech Therapy

Lianne Kustes (APT Speech Language Pathologist) stopped in this month to share some simple strategies to encourage your child’s communication. These easy tips can help build “therapy” into everyday routines.

One of the things I tell parents on a daily basis is to allow your child to try to communicate with you, rather than always anticipating what they want or need.  Here are some ideas to get your started:

-Set up their play space so that some favorite toys are out of reach. This way they must ask mommy or daddy to help them get the toy. This is a perfect opportunity for communication and teaching them to ask/sign/request “help” or “please.”

-Read books with your child and have them point to pictures in the book as you name them. Hopefully they will begin to say the names too!

-Always try to model short and concise phrases rather than long and drawn out sentences for children that are just beginning to talk. Say, “Wow! A big red boat!” rather than, “I see you have a big red boat and they float in the water.”

-It’s so important to allow your child opportunities to talk, instead of just telling them to “say ball”, or “say truck”. Ask open ended questions that allow your child to try to communicate on their own, such as “what is that?” (as you show them the ball), or “what does a dog say?”

There are many chances to work on communication throughout the day. You don’t always have to set aside special time for “therapy” – building these little opportunities into your regular schedule is an easy way to try some new activities and strategies.

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