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Help! My Child Has A Tongue Tie! Now What?

You may have consulted with a pediatric dentist, ENT, SLP, OT, lactation consultant, or even a chiropractor of whom have indicated your child has a tongue tie (possibly lip or even buccal ties too!). It can be a stressful time, especially if your child is young, trying to navigate the different therapies and making the best informed decision for your child and your family. There are SO many questions to answer! Here are some things to consider if you decide to have a frenectomy:

Help is out there! Consult with an OT or SLP trained in tethered oral tissues to help with pre frenectomy care and therapy.

Working on stretches and intervention ahead of the procedure is just as important as after the procedure. In fact, pre frenectomy therapy often provides improved outcomes after the procedure! Plus, it gives you, and your family, more of a support system during this time when you may have many questions and concerns.

Not only is pre frenectomy therapy important with an OT or SLP, it is also important to work with a lactation consultant, possibly a PT, and even chiropractor.

These professionals are also essential in the frenectomy process. Each discipline offers a different insight into the mouth, body, and nervous system. It truly takes a village to get the best care and outcomes!

Things you may expect with the frenectomy include slight pain/discomfort, time to heal, and also stretches.

Every child is different, so consulting and following the recommendations from your provider regarding pain management and stretches post frenectomy is essential. You will also likely follow up with your SLP or OT about 3 days after the procedure.

Post frenectomy follow up with your team will improve your outcomes with tongue/oral function, feeding/eating, decrease incidence of reattachment, and also help provide you support throughout the process.

Your therapist will ensure stretches are being done properly, the wounds are healing as expected, and address the newly found motor skills within the mouth for feeding, eating, and speech.

With a good team of providers, a frenectomy can be a smooth process and also provide you, and your child, with optimal care and outcomes!

-Kristen Wilcox MS, OTR/L

Tummy Time! Method certified therapist