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 “W” Sitting? No Thanks! 

What is it? 

The child’s feet are outside of legs when child sits on their bottom.

” sitting position can be bad for children. Try to correct it before it's  too late - Elite Kids Therapy (Formerly Cincinnati Therapy Connections)

What is the big deal? 

W sitting places excessive stress on the knee joint, disengages abdominal muscles and promotes poor posture. Over time, W sitting can lead to in-toeing or pigeon toe walking pattern, tight muscles in hips/legs and hip/back/knee pain.  

How do I fix it? 

Promote better sitting posture such as criss-cross, side sit or long sit by using verbal prompts and hands on assist if needed.  

When should I seek help? 

Evaluation from a licensed physical therapist is a good idea if your child shows poor posture, signs/complaints of pain, abnormal walking pattern such as pigeon toed, weakness in core/legs or a delay in gross motor skills.  

–Amanda Zimmerman, PT, DPT