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A Day in the Life of a PPEC Therapist

For more than a decade, APT has had an amazing partnership with The Kidz Club throughout the state of Kentucky!

The Kidz Club is a PPEC (prescribed pediatric extended care), which provides skilled nursing care in a supportive and stimulating environment for children from birth to under 21 years old who have medical diagnoses. The Kidz Club works with a family’s insurance so that there is NO cost to the family for the child to receive these services! Besides skilled nursing and therapy, The Kidz Club provides everything from wheelchair-accessible transportation, full food services including addressing special dietary needs, age-appropriate learning, and more! If you are interested in reading more about these amazing services, you can check out The Kidz Club at their website (LINK WEBSITE) or follow them on social media.

APT therapists working at The Kidz Club provide pediatric physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy to children of all ages and medical diagnoses. We love being a part of the daily lives of these children and partnering with the nurses and caregivers to help children advance to their next therapeutic level.

Check out the pictures and captions below to learn more about our partnership and what a day in the life of a PPEC therapist looks like!

Children arrive on the bus or with their parents in the morning and we get to work! Before we take a child back to the therapy room, they are assessed by a nurse to make sure their vitals (like temperature and oxygen saturation) are good to go prior to therapy.


Sensory time with Ms. Molly (OT)! Our pediatric occupational therapists use a variety of sensory techniques to help our patients regulate and participate better in their sessions. We have swings, bubble tubes, weighted vests, and more!


Our pediatric physical therapists help children with lots of gross motor skills like sitting, walking, jumping, and doing stairs. Check out our sweet friend learning to walk and how excited she is!


Time for a speech therapy session! Pediatric speech therapists help their patients communicate, play appropriately, and even learn to eat or take a bottle. Check out these awesome kiddos working hard with two of our SLPs!


Lunch time! Speech therapists and occupational therapists participate in meals depending on what the child needs help with. Yummy meals are provided by The Kidz Club! This patient is doing an amazing job practicing using the spoon with our Ms. Kim (OT)!


Our physical/occupational therapists evaluate children at The Kidz Club for necessary medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, and bath chairs. Check out Ms. Rachel (PT) working on walking with a walker with her patient, while Ms. Kerry (PT) helps a patient put on his AFOs.


Pediatric occupational therapists work on lots of different activities of daily living. For children, this includes things like playing with toys, practicing handwriting, brushing teeth, or getting dressed independently. Ms. Andrea(OT) is working on one of our sweet friends putting her own orthotic braces on!


APT therapists also work with older children that attend The Kidz Club before or after school, as well as on summer breaks. At our Lexington location, a patient arrives on the bus after school and is able to receive physical therapy before he goes home!


To help children achieve their therapy goals, we rely on the amazing staff at The Kidz Club to help our kiddos work on “therapy homework” throughout the week. Our therapists write activities weekly in a binder to be read and carried out by the staff in the child’s room. We work together as a collaborative team to provide the best possible care for our patients!

Thanks for reading along to learn about The Kidz Club and the awesome partnership APT therapists have with them! Please check out The Kidz Club at if you have questions about their services and if your child might qualify to attend.