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Summertime Speech Therapy Ideas

Speech and language activities can be easily incorporated into your daily routines. Here are 5 ways you can target your child’s goals while having some summer fun:


1.) Water Play

  • Ideas: use the water hose, turn on a sprinkler, water plants/flowers, use a water table and toys, use various sized cups and buckets, use water beads for an extra fun sensory experience
  • Target goals:
    • Vocabulary: wet, dry, half, full, empty, pour, spray, splash, jump, push, dump, squish
    • Articulation: /k/ /p/ (cup), /s/ spray, splash-find props/water toys that start with your child’s sound.
    • Basic concepts: wet/dry, empty/full
    • Following directions

2.)  Chalk Art

  • Target goals:
    • Vocabulary: colors, draw, picture, (any vocabulary word)
    • Articulation: draw pictures of objects that begin with sound, create your own hopscotch or life size board game with speech words
    • Turn taking
    • Following directions
    • Requesting

3.) Bubbles

  • You can never go wrong with bubbles!
  • Target goals:
    • Vocabulary: bubble, pop, blow, run
    • Basic concepts: up/down, open/close
    • Practice taking turns blowing bubbles
    • Requesting: more/all done

4.) Explore!

  • You can: Play in the backyard or check out a nearby park and just explore.
  • Target goals:
    • Vocabulary: Find/found, see, look, explore, (new vocabulary terms found in the environment)
    • Articulation: /f/ and /d/ (find), /s/ (see), /l/ and /k/ look, find things in the environment that begin with your child’s sound

5.) Sand

  • You can: play at the beach or in a sandbox
  • Target goals:
    • Vocabulary: build, dig, pour, sand, soft, feel, castle; hide vocabulary flashcards
    • Articulation: /b/ /d/ build, /d/ /g/ dig, /p/ /r/ pour, /s/ sand, soft, /k/ castle, /f/ feel; another fun idea would be to hide objects that begin with your child’s sound or even use laminated articulation cards
    • Turn taking
    • Requesting

Emily Burdette, M.S. CF-SLP