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Website Privacy Policy and Disclaimer


Thank you for visiting the Associates in Pediatric Therapy, LLC (APT) website, This Privacy Policy & Disclaimer contains the terms and conditions of usage of this Website and should be carefully reviewed before navigating to other portions of the site. Please be aware that use of this Website signifies your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Also, please note that these terms are strictly limited to this Website and may not apply to the usage of the APT App or third-party websites or apps.

The information provided on this Website is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic advice or direction. If you have medical or therapy related questions, you should contact a licensed professional. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should immediately call 911.

APT strives to provide access to accurate, useful information on this website but makes no warranties, guarantees regarding the accuracy of the material. Additionally, nothing on this website should be construed a promise or guarantee of specific patient or progress. If you have questions regarding the pediatric therapy services provided by APT, please contact our Facilities Director, at 502.633.1007 ext. 1205.

APT appreciates your use of this Website and values your privacy. Please be aware, however, that most information transmitted over the internet is not secure; thus, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. We hope this Privacy Policy & Disclaimer helps you better understand the types of user information this Website gathers and APT uses and safeguards your information.




Please be aware that this Website gathers and stores basic, non-personal information from visitors, including: the IP address used to access the Internet, the date and time, the Internet address of the website used by the visitor to directly link to this site, the name of the file or the words the user searched, and the browser used to access this site. This type of information provides generally does not identify the specific person using the Website but reflects how the Website was accessed and used. APT uses this data for various marketing and business planning purposes. Collecting this information also enables APT to better assess system performance and improve function and features offered by this Website.

Please be aware that any information voluntarily entered or shared through this Website is also stored, including personal and/or confidential information. If you send an email through this Website, the Website collects and stores the message, all information contained in the message, the sender’s email address, and other transmission related data. Similar information is collected and stored if you choose to fill-out forms and submit them through this Website. This information is collected and stored so that APT can appropriately respond to your messages, answer your questions, and provide any information requested. Unless required by law, APT does not give, share, sell, trade, or transfer any personal information to third parties.




APT patients and parent/guardians may take advantage of various online patient service options that allow registered users to conveniently and securely access patient information, communicate with providers, submit financial information, and make payments. While these services may be accessed through this Website, please be aware that these services are performed and managed by other companies and provided through other websites. APT cannot control or guarantee the management, maintenance, or security of services provided by an independent/third-party provider. Please contact our Facilities Director, at 502.633.1007 ext. 1205, with any questions regarding online patient services or independent service providers.

Patient Services: Text Messaging

APT patients and their parents/guardians can now enjoy the convenience of our text messaging services provided through a trusted third-party vendor. Rest assured, your mobile phone contact information will never be shared or sold for marketing purposes. You can opt out of these messages anytime by simply texting STOP or indicating your preference in the patient paperwork.


Please note that some pages within this Website, for the convenience of others, are not managed by APT. APT does not review, control, or assume any responsibility for the content or security of those websites. Links from this Website to a third-party website do not constitute and should not be construed to imply endorsement or credibility of the service, product, or information provided by the third-party website. Further, APT does not control and/or guarantee the safety and security of third-party websites, including those linked to this Website, and makes no representations or warranties regarding any user information collection methods employed by other websites.




APT does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information online from children under the age of 13. Use of this Website and provision of user-specific, patient-specific, and or parent/guardian-specific information signifies that the user is authorized to provide the information he/she submitted.




APT uses firewalls, vulnerability scans, and secure server encryption technology to protect personally identifiable information. APT also employs internal physical and technological security measures to detect and block unauthorized intrusions to its computer systems. However, while we employ reasonable security measures to protect your personal information, please be aware that no method of electronic transmission is completely infallible, and absolute safety and security cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, use of this website signifies that the user understands and agrees that he/she assumes all risks of an electronic security and safety breaches and assumes any damages that may arise from any breach in security and safety of the APT computer system, website, patient portal, users’ electronic devices and computer systems, and any information entered on the website by users.

APT employs prudent security measures to protect the transmission of information submitted through its website and takes care to ensure any confidential health-related information and any sensitive personal information is protected. Nonetheless, use of this website signifies the user’s understanding and agreement that the security of any electronically transmitted information cannot be fully guaranteed. Use of this Website signifies the user understands and agrees that he/she assumes the risk of security breaches related to confidential health-related information or other personally sensitive information and signifies the user’s understanding and agreement that he/she bears all responsibility for damages incurred as the result of security compromises or breaches that include the information provided by the user.

While APT uses prudent electronic security measures to protect its website and the users thereon, APT cannot guarantee the absolute security of any confidential and/or personally sensitive information transmitted through its Website. Use of this Website signifies the User’s choice to transmit information electronically through this website, with the full understanding that the privacy, security, and confidentiality of information provided, gathered, and/or collected through the website users cannot be guaranteed. By using this Website, the User attests that he/she waives all claims and against APT and its owners, management staff, and employees and waives and/or releases all liability for all damages arising from and/or are related to the access to and/or any manner of usage, navigation, and/or viewing of this Website, third-party websites linked on this Website, and/or the use of online patient services that are provided and maintained by third-party service providers.




APT reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time. APT will provide notice of Privacy Policy changes by updating this page with the current policy terms and conditions. Accordingly, users are responsible for periodically checking this page for policy updates.