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Occupational Therapy Apps

Here is a list of apps that help target skills addressed through occupational therapy (self-regulation, handwriting, executive functioning, visual perception, visual motor, fine motor, gross motor, and self-help skills). Kids are spending more time than ever before on screens. Help make your child’s screen time a little more productive and get in some extra OT practice with these fun and engaging apps for all ages.

Visual timer:

  • Visual Timer Countdown (free with in app purchases; iPhone and iPad)


  • Breathe Think Do by Sesame Street (free)
    • Great for kids that need help learning how to calm down when upset; help the monster calm down when he’s upset: push on his belly to take deep breaths, pop the bubbles to think of a solution, then choose 1 of 3 solutions for the monster to do
  • Daniel Tiger for Parents (free)
    • Includes songs and videos to learn social emotional skills
  • Go Noodle (free)
    • Includes videos for dancing, exercising, how-tos, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and mindfulness
  • PBS Kids (free)


  • Letter School (free demo version; full alphabet $6.99)
    • Engaging way to learn correct formation of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, and words first by showing correct formation, then tracing, then complete on your own
  • Handwriting Heroes (free; iPad only)
    • Engaging app to target correct letter formation; breaks down letters into categories
  • 123s ABCs Preschool Learn HWOTP Kids Handwriting (free)
    • Practice tracing letters on 3-lined “paper” using Handwriting Without Tears technique; includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers 0-9, and shapes
  • Trace Letters & Sight Words (free)
    • Trace letters and sight words with colored chalk
  • Squigglish (free)
    • Great for drawing prewriting strokes
  • ABC Alphabet Phonics (free)
    • Great for letter identification
  • IWriteWords Lite (free)
    • Tracing words
  • Wet Dry Try (free demo version, $5.99 full version; iPad only)

 Executive Functioning

  • Inspiration Maps (free demo version; full version $9.99)
    • Great for graphic organizers for middle school through college
  • Kidspiration Maps (free demo version, full version $9.99; iPad only)
    • Great for graphic organizers for elementary school
  • com (free)

Visual Perception/Visual Motor

  • Tap-N-See Now (free; full version $2.99)
    • Great for low vision kids and younger kids; works on visual tracking
  • Educational Learning Mazes (free)
    • 30 levels of free mazes with different themes
  • Animal Maze (free; iPad only)
    • 20 free mazes
  • Heyduda! Dot to dot (free set includes 6 pictures; each additional set is $0.99)
    • Simple connect the dots
  • Dot to dot- Ocean (free demo; full version $2.99)
    • Connect the dots to create ocean animals
  • Sorting Puzzles for Kids (free demo; full version $4.99)
    • Targets sorting colors, shapes, seasons, and animals
  • Match it- Find the matching (free)
    • Similar to Spot It game; find the matching object on 2 or 3 sets of cards

Fine motor and sensory

  • Fireworks Arcade (free)
    • Tap and create colorful fireworks
  • Popping Bubbles for Kids and Babies (free)
    • Enjoy popping bubbles to save the animals inside
  • Baby Bubbles Babble (free)
    • Fun app for toddlers to work on finger isolation by popping bubbles
  • Baby Drums Kit (free)
    • Play drums to sing-along nursery rhymes
  • Peek a Boo Barn (free demo; full version $2.99)
    • Play peek a boo with farm animals
  • Sensoy Just Touch (free)
    • Visually stimulating app with colors
  • Sensory Magma (free)
    • Calming and relaxing visual app

Gross motor

  • Go Noodle (free)
    • Includes videos for dancing, exercising, how-tos, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and mindfulness
  • Super Stretch (free; iPad only)
    • Engaging yoga poses using storytelling, animation, and video examples


  • Brush Up (free demo; $0.99 for monthly subscription)
    • Real time video of your child brushing their teeth along with Budd, the Toothbrush Tutor; great for kids that do not enjoy brushing teeth
  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter (free)
    • Targets sorting coins, adding coins, and adding 2 sets of values to determine which is the most; earn “money” to dress up Peter the Pig at the end!
  • Money—(free)
    • Targets adding dollars and coins

– Macaulay Schifferdecker, MS, OTR/L