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What should my baby be doing physically at 6 months? 

Every child develops at their own pace, but here are some key gross motor skills to look for at 6 months of age: 

1. Purposefully rolls tummy to back

2. Purposefully rolls back to tummy 

3. Able to sit with hands forward on surface for 5-10 seconds 

4. Plays on tummy with arms straight and chest off floor 

5. Reaches for toys while on tummy 

6. Plays with feet and brings them to mouth while laying on their back 

Here are some indications that your child may need physical therapy to assist with gross motor development at 6 months: 

1.Difficulty holding head up in supported sitting 

2. Not pushing through arms when placed on tummy 

3. Unable to roll onto side when laying on their back 

4. Not attempting to reach for toys when on back or tummy 

In the first year of life children develop very quickly. Babies are born with the innate sense to move and explore their environment. Physical therapy can assist parents and caregivers in fostering safe and effective methods of mobility to encourage engagement at all ages.    

–Amanda Zimmerman, PT, DPT