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Happy Fourth of July!!

Prepare for Firework fun! 
Fireworks and community festivals are part of our American tradition during the celebration of our nation’s birthday. However, not all of our children will understand or appreciate these events.  Make sure you keep your child’s needs in mind as you plan your activities.
#1. Many children do not like large crowds. Prepare them with what is ahead. Talk to them about what to expect and ideas of how to deal with their anxieties.

#2. Fireworks can be loud and overwhelming. Some children could enjoy them better if they could wear earphones to muffle the sounds. Fireworks can also be enjoyed on TV or from a car window!

#3. Be creative on other ways to teach your children about America’s birthday. Visit your local library for good children’s literature. Make a patriotic birthday cake for the whole family. Create an American Flag out of Popsicle sticks and paint!

#4. Take pictures of your family and your holiday traditions. Put these pictures in an album and encourage your children to look through them often. This can help them prepare for next year’s holiday celebration!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July!!!