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DIY Crafts with Cardboard

As your child ages, you may feel pressure from peers, companies, and brands to buy new, age-appropriate toys for every occasion. You are likely to find many aesthetically pleasing, Montessori- style activities being advertised to promote growth and stimulate learning.  From the perspective of a pediatric occupational therapist, we would like to tell you that […]

The strategy of waiting

One of the best strategies to utilize during your child’s key developmental stages is to simplywait. This strategy can and should be used throughout everyday routines and interactions.When you start to evaluate how much you are waiting throughout your daily routines, you mayrealize that it’s more difficult than it sounds. But it is SO important. […]

Is my Child a Picky Eater or Problem Eater? 

Feeding takes up most of the time in the child’s first few months of life, and when a parent has a child who is selective with his or her feeding, it can become an overwhelming concern for parents. Feeding challenges in a child can invoke feelings of failure in a parent and only heightens the […]

Physical Therapist Approved Baby Toys 0-12 months

Are you compiling your registry or maybe even feeling a little lost when it comes to buying baby toys for your child? These days there are so many options out there and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Below are some of my favorite toys to facilitate gross motor development based on your child’s age!

Ways to Practice Dressing at Home  

Dressing is an important part of your child becoming independent, but when should you expect them to meet their dressing milestones? Dressing skills consist of putting on and taking off clothes (shirts and shorts/pants), putting on and taking off shoes and socks, being able to complete fasteners (buttons, zippers, snaps), and tying shoes.   Dressing Milestones  […]

The Best Materials to Target Speech and Language Skills 

After coming to speech therapy and learning that their child has a speech or language delay, many parents wonder what they can do at home to help. In addition to attending speech therapy appointments, it is very important for caregivers to work on speech and language skills at home and in other environments that the […]

Stuttering Support Groups

Stuttering is a neurophysiological condition which results in an individual exhibiting blocks, repetitions, or prolongations in their speech. Stuttering is often extremely misunderstood by society. Stuttering is a chronological experience, meaning it will likely occur across the span of an individual’s lifetime. Approximately 1% of the population stutters, equating to about 80 million people worldwide. […]

Making AAC Motivational and fun

Making AAC Motivational and Fun for Kids and Families: Realistic Expectations, Tips, and Tricks  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems play a vital role in enabling individuals with communication difficulties to express themselves effectively. While AAC can initially seem daunting, especially for children and their families, creating a motivating and enjoyable environment can make the […]


Think about how we develop our bigger (gross) skills before we can hone in on our smaller (finer) ones. As children become more coordinated with gross motor skills and bigger movements, such as crawling, walking, and climbing, the next step involves fine-tuning smaller movements. These smaller, finer movements can include holding a pencil, grasping small […]