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Family Resources

Assistive Technology

  What is Assistive Technology? Assistive Technology is defined as products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for children with disabilities. Assistive Technology can help improve an individual’s ability to speak, type, write, remember, point, see, hear, learn, or walk. Assistive Technology can support children who are deaf or hard of […]

Toy Talk: Boosting Language Through Play

As a parent, you may already know about the importance of play to your child’s development. Play skills are related to many aspects of cognitive and language development (Bergen, 2002). If your child is receiving speech-language services, you may also know that mapping language onto your child’s play can positively impact your child’s receptive and expressive language.  BUT, DID YOU […]

A Guide to Infant and Child Massage

What is infant and child massage? Similar to adult massages, infant and child massage involves a combination of relaxing strokes, light kneading, and gentle squeezing. The strokes can be done throughout the lifespan, but are most common in infants and young children. Who performs infant massage? Certified Infant Massage Instructors teach parents and caregivers how […]

Proprioceptive Input and Activities

Sensory processing is the process that interprets and organizes sensory information we receive from our own body and the environment around us. There are several types of sensory systems in our body that help us interact with our environment including, vision, auditory, gustatory, vestibular, olfactory, tactile, and proprioception. What is proprioceptive input and what does […]

Unstructured Play: Picnic Theme!

A great way to promote speech and language development is by HAVING A PICNIC! Unstructured play, in addition to quality time spent with your child, provides the FUN your child needs in order to stay engaged, while giving you the opportunity to: MODEL EXPAND CATAGORIZE INTRODUCE CONCEPTS MODEL the correct speech sound productions your child […]

Let’s Talk Teletherapy!

As we all know, last year, our lives were flipped-turned upside down, (a little Fresh Prince of Bel-Air shout out to get things started on a light note) and we all had to dive deep into all things tele whether it be for school or therapy. Sure, it is new, but that does not mean […]

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham! Picky Eating Strategies

It’s theme week at APT! What better way to tie in what we do here at APT with Dr. Seuss’s popular book Green Eggs and Ham! In the book, the main character is offered a plate of green eggs and ham over and over in different ways, different locations, and even with a mouse and […]

How to Make Mealtime FUN for a Picky Eater

Mealtimes with kids can be stressful, challenging and full of a power-struggle. In all actuality, though, we want to have a mealtime that is fun, engaging, and a positive family experience. There are plenty of ways to shift our focus during meal time away from what our child ‘wont eat’ into a less stressful and […]

Improving Your Child’s Speech Development

As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I am often asked, “What can I do to help my child at home?” Here are my top 10 suggestions to encourage speech and language development.   TALK Talking about what you do and see throughout your day helps your child learn vocabulary in everyday situations. Your child wants to […]

Finding a New “Normal”

Accepting the Challenges That Come With Disabilities   As a pediatric occupational therapist, one of the hardest conversations I have with caregivers often deals with the question, “But will my child ever be normal?” That word [normal] is absolutely gut wrenching for me, as I see the anguish wash over a parent’s face because they […]