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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Approved Baby Toys 0-12 months

Are you compiling your registry or maybe even feeling a little lost when it comes to buying baby toys for your child? These days there are so many options out there and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Below are some of my favorite toys to facilitate gross motor development based on your child’s age!

Bedwetting and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

What is nocturnal enuresis and when is it a problem? Nocturnal enuresis is a fancy term for bedwetting. (Nocturnal meaning nighttime, and enuresis meaning involuntary leakage of urine). Typically, a child will achieve nighttime dryness 6 months-1 year following daytime potty training OR by age 6. Many professionals consider bedwetting beyond the age of 6 […]

Water Safety for Children and Families

Summer is fast approaching!  The sun is out, heat and humidity rising, and we look to have some fun and cool off at the pool or swimming hole. It is time to also think about how to maintain water safety for our children while cooling off and having fun this summer.  Roughly 10 drowning deaths […]

Primitive Reflex Integration Exercise Ideas 

What are Primitive Reflexes?  Automatic motor responses that originate from our primitive or survival brain.   Why does Integration of Reflexes Matter?  Integration of primitive reflexes lay the foundation for higher level learning. Retained primitive reflexes or active primitive reflexes can interfere with the development of more mature, voluntary movement patterns including postural reflexes, balance, ability […]

Trouble Tolerating Tummy Time?

Did you know that it’s recommended to start tummy time as soon as the child is discharged from the hospital with the goal of tolerating 15-30 min a day by 7 weeks of age and tolerating 1 hour a day by 3 months of age? Let’s start with why tummy time is important: In 1992, […]

What should my baby be doing physically at 6 months? 

Every child develops at their own pace, but here are some key gross motor skills to look for at 6 months of age:  1. Purposefully rolls tummy to back 2. Purposefully rolls back to tummy  3. Able to sit with hands forward on surface for 5-10 seconds  4. Plays on tummy with arms straight and […]

 “W” Sitting? No Thanks! 

What is it?  The child’s feet are outside of legs when child sits on their bottom. What is the big deal?  W sitting places excessive stress on the knee joint, disengages abdominal muscles and promotes poor posture. Over time, W sitting can lead to in-toeing or pigeon toe walking pattern, tight muscles in hips/legs and […]

Home Exercise Programs (HEP) 

What the HEP is it?  HEP stands for Home Exercise Program. Essentially, this includes the strategies, activities, and/or exercises a therapist recommends you complete at home between therapy sessions. This could include everything from how to respond to a tantrum, specific handwriting tasks, speech sounds to practice, or stretches to complete.   Why is it so […]

Toe Walking Tips

What is toe walking?  Toe walking is an atypical gait pattern in which a child makes initial contact at the balls of their feet when walking instead of their heel. Toe walking is something that both occupational and physical therapists treat! So how do you know if OT or PT is the right route for […]

Physical Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an average timeline for how long my child will be in therapy? Diagnosis specific. In most cases, there is not a specific timeline we are following as necessity of skilled therapy is multifactorial based upon child’s age, diagnosis, readiness for change, environment, and nature of family specific goals. Instead, we follow the lead of the family and child allowing for response […]