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July 2013 Employee of the Month

Jessica Wine has been employed with APT since September of 2012.  Jessica has shown outstanding dedication and hard work for APT. She is the lone office staff at the Bullitt County Office and collects the Past Medical History from our dear clients for the entire company! Jessica is always willing to do anything with a ‘can do’ attitude and a smile on her face. Learn more about Jessica in the Q & A below.

Q What made you choose APT as your employer? 
A I have always loved children.  When I heard about the position I was very excited about the opportunity to work for a company that does so many wonderful things to help enrich the lives of so many wonderfully special children.  It really brightens every day greeting those little smiling faces.
Q What is your favorite part of your job? 
A My favorite part of the job is calling all of the new patients’ parents before their evaluations to find out the child’s medical history.  I get to hear all the wonderful, funny, sad, or heartbreaking stories, and am able to be an ear to listen when they need it. That and seeing those smiling faces come in, of course.         
Q What has been the best part of your employment to date? 
A The best part of my employment, by far, has been having the honor of watching children really progress with their therapy and reach new milestones.  I have seen first steps, heard first words, and seen so many amazing achievements that it amazes me everyday how strong these children are.  They really are amazing!