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June 2013 Employee of the Month

Dana SprouseDana came to APT from California last year and we are so glad she did! Dana always has a smiling face and positive attitude which are sure to light up any room she enters. Beyond her optimism and smile is an incredibly creative and talented speech therapist. Her patients and their families adore her and frequently comment about the amazing progress their children have made in her care. Dana, we are so proud to have you at APT. Congratulations!

 Dana has been a speech therapist for three years. Learn more about her with the Q&A below.

Q When did you decide to be a therapist?

A I decided I wanted to be a speech therapist during my senior year in high school. One of our family friends is a speech therapist in a hospital, and I was lucky enough to shadow her for a senior project. It was the perfect fit of being able to be a part of a child’s life and to really make a difference in his or her ability to communicate with the world.

Q What made you choose APT as your employer?

A I moved from Santa Monica, CA to Louisville, KY. Coming from the school world, I was ready for a change. During my job search, I came across APT’s website. I was so excited after looking at the site that I contacted APT and sent my resume. Everything has worked out perfectly, and I could not be happier with my job. It is challenging yet rewarding, and NEVER boring.

Q What’s the best part about working at APT?

 A The kiddos – I love being part of each one of their lives and getting to know their families. I love seeing a patient come in as a “late talker” and then progress into a fantastic little communicator who can now speak in phrases and sentences on his or her own, who can finally tell their parents what they want! Some of my favorite moments have been while co-treating with our fantastic OTs and PTs, and getting to hear a child’s first sounds and first words.