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Early Intervention – Let’s get talking!

early intervention

Have you ever had a concern about your child regarding their development? “Just wait and see,” is advice we often hear, but is just waiting best for every child and family?  It is true that all children develop differently. However, if you have concerns regarding your child’s development, early intervention is always a great idea!  […]

May Patient Spotlight: Dylan

When Dylan failed his newborn hearing screening test, his mother, Jammie, kept thinking there must be a mistake with the test. Dylan was born a full term baby via C-section with no history of hearing loss in the family. The doctor informed them that the test could be a mistake due to fluid in the […]

APT 2016 Year in Review

APT would like to share this “2016 Year in Review,” and say thanks to our patients, families, therapists, staff and all those who support us for another AMAZING year! Have a blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year!  

APT Annual Drop and Shop

APT is excited to offer our 4th annual Drop and Shop, Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 from 9am-2pm at our Shelbyville office, located at 90 Howard Drive, Shelbyville, KY 40065! This event is available to any current patients and siblings ages 2 and above. Please note that lunch will not be served but a snack will. […]

June Student Spotlight: Quinn!

This month, we are featuring APT’s Learning Center, and a student that has seen great success working with one of our APT teachers, Karen Standafer. Quinn comes to APT for tutoring and therapy. Here is her story! Quinn’s teacher raised concerns about her ability to keep up with her classmates and follow directions about a […]

May Patient Spotlight: Ethan!

Ethan is a smart, sweet little boy who has overcome Verbal Apraxia through early intervention. He has been with APT since the age of two as a patient of Renea Sageser (SLP and CEO of APT), and has progressed from unintelligible speech and frustrations with communication to being able to speak clearly and be understood […]

Learning Communication Skills through Fun

by Lianne Kustes, Speech-Language Pathologist Working with little ones means that you get to have FUN while teaching them effective ways to communicate and build language skills! Use toys in their “purposeful” way, but also in creative and different ways other than what they are “meant” for. For example: use a bowling set to work […]