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June Student Spotlight: Quinn!

This month, we are featuring APT’s Learning Center, and a student that has seen great success working with one of our APT teachers, Karen Standafer. Quinn comes to APT for tutoring and therapy. Here is her story!

Quinn’s teacher raised concerns about her ability to keep up with her classmates and follow directions about a year ago. Her parents were advised to have her tested through JCPS for learning disabilities. Testing results showed a difficulty in concentration and focus, a delay in fine motor skills, and a speech delay. Quinn’s mother immediately began researching proactive steps they could take to get Quinn caught up to age level. That’s when they found APT!

Why did you choose APT for therapy services?

After diagnosing Quinn’s strengths and weaknesses, I began seeking out a  therapy center for Quinn. When I called Associates in Pediatric Therapy they were extremely helpful and friendly. This was all a new situation for us and we really didn’t know where to begin. APT went over and above in guiding us as to how to proceed with therapy and treatment for Quinn. They answered all of our questions and made us (especially Quinn) feel comfortable.

What improvements have you seen in your child since they started therapy at APT?

Quinn has made huge strides in accomplishing her goals. She was retested this spring and her scores had improved by a huge margin. Through speech, occupational, and tutoring therapy Quinn has been able to reach and exceed her goals. Quinn absolutely loves all of her therapists and Ms. Karen. She looks forward to her appointments and feels such pride and accomplishment afterward. I have watched Quinn’s confidence soar over the past year.

What has been your brightest moment along the journey?

The moment that brought tears to my eyes was watching Quinn reading simple words with Ms. Karen.  And the joy in her face when she realized that she was capable of doing so.

What advice would you give other parents who face similar situations?

It’s scary when you feel like your child is struggling. And it’s heartbreaking to watch. Children are like sponges ready to learn and grow. Beginning therapy as soon as that “mommy voice” tells you something is going on is the most important step. Beginning early before they fall too far behind is key.

Teacher, Karen Standafer, tutors Quinn at the APT Learning Center. She also sees Tara Gwynn for speech therapy. We asked them to share a little about their relationships with Quinn.

What does the APT Learning Center offer?

KarenThe APT  Learning Center offers a unique combination of therapist and teachers collaborating to help students achieve their next academic level in Reading, Math and Writing subjects.  The multi-sensory approach to learning is one in which multiple senses are engaged at the same time. This helps learners of all abilities reach their goals. Just because a child has not learned a subject the first time does not mean they did not learn it – it simply means they did not learn it their way.

We look at the child’s needs and abilities and plan activities to promote success. We are blessed to have an awesome learning center with so many toys and hands-on resources. It’s a safe, Christian atmosphere for kids!

How long have you been working with Quinn and what improvements have you seen?

Karen: Quinn and I have been working together for about a year and a half. We have a fun relationship and just really enjoy being together! In that time, Quinn has learned her numbers, letters, sounds and she is now putting those sounds together to make words. We “play” teacher and student, and Quinn is the teacher! This game reinforces what she has already learned and helps her remember these skills. She is hard-working and comes in each time with a happy, bright attitude, ready to learn!

Tara: I have been working with Quinn since December 2015, however she was receiving speech therapy from Renea prior.  I have seen great improvements in her reading and phonological skills, as well as her receptive language.

Describe a little about yours and Quinn’s relationship.

Tara: I just love when I get to see Miss Quinn!  She is a very social and curious little girl.  Although we work on staying on topic in therapy, she tends to ask questions or make statements that are hilarious.  She brightens up my morning as we talk about girly things!