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Patient Spotlight

June Student Spotlight: Quinn!

This month, we are featuring APT’s Learning Center, and a student that has seen great success working with one of our APT teachers, Karen Standafer. Quinn comes to APT for tutoring and therapy. Here is her story! Quinn’s teacher raised concerns about her ability to keep up with her classmates and follow directions about a […]

May Patient Spotlight: Ethan!

Ethan is a smart, sweet little boy who has overcome Verbal Apraxia through early intervention. He has been with APT since the age of two as a patient of Renea Sageser (SLP and CEO of APT), and has progressed from unintelligible speech and frustrations with communication to being able to speak clearly and be understood […]

Patient Spotlight: Aiden Zumwalt

Patient Spotlight: Aiden Zumwalt “We do not hear the can’ts, the don’ts, or the won’ts” By Emily Chandler Edited by Becky Lange Aiden Zumwalt’s smile and sweet presence has a way of commanding a room. Recently, Aiden and I were able to spend some time together and in that short period of time, Aiden opened […]