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Fine Motor Skills

Cut it out! A Guide to Scissor Skills 

Cutting and scissor skills are an important part of school and are needed for many crafts, worksheets, and projects. Below, you’ll find a guide to help teach your child how to use scissors safely and efficiently.   Where and When to Start?  A great place to start is snipping and cutting play-doh.  This can be introduced […]


Think about how we develop our bigger (gross) skills before we can hone in on our smaller (finer) ones. As children become more coordinated with gross motor skills and bigger movements, such as crawling, walking, and climbing, the next step involves fine-tuning smaller movements. These smaller, finer movements can include holding a pencil, grasping small […]

When should I be concerned about my child’s grasp?

Child writing with a pen

This is a common question that is often asked of a pediatric OT when working with kids ages birth to 6 years of age. To answer this question let’s first look at some red flags that may indicate a concern in a child’s grasp development and then discuss the typical sequence of grasp development in […]

Occupational Therapy, On the Dot!

Connect the dots, dot stamp markers, dot stickers, and so many other activities can be used to help improve fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and many other developmental areas. Here are some of my favorite dot related tools to use during occupational therapy treatment sessions. Connect the Dots This activity can be used to […]

Playdough Play Time!

child and play dough

As a pediatric occupational therapist, playdough has become the Swiss Army knife in my “toolbox” of occupational therapy equipment. I keep multiple containers of it in each of my therapy bags as well as my therapy spaces. When I see it on sale, I buy it in bulk so often that my husband has begun […]

Pencil Grip Development

little girl writing

Handwriting and a proper pencil grasp go hand in hand and can often be a lot more complex than what one would imagine. Pencil grip development is a common concern for many parents, teachers and therapists as this can lead to difficulty with handwriting tasks in the future. There are several different reasons why a […]

What Are Fine Motor Skills?

Mikah & Annastyn-Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are one’s ability to control the use of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Fine motor development is an important part of the toddler and childhood years to help the child be more independent in day-to-day tasks. Think about zipping a coat, buttoning pants, unlocking a door, writing your name, […]