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What is teletherapy?


Teletherapy is the process of providing ST, PT, or OT services at a distance with the use of real time video conferencing software, similar to Skype or Facetime.

Who would benefit from teletherapy?


Teletherapy can be especially beneficial to families who live too far to travel to an in person clinic or don’t have access to transportation. It can also be helpful for children who may be ill, homebound, or have compromised immune systems as well as for children who may feel embarrassed about being pulled out of classes to go to therapy, such as adolescents, children with fluency disorders, or children with anxiety. Teletherapy can be done in the comfort of your child’s home, which may be the best and most productive environment for them.

How does teletherapy work?


For a typical teletherapy session, the therapist would communicate with the family to coordinate a convenient time for appointments to take place. The family would then receive an email with a link to access the videoconferencing software, which is entirely free for families and also compliant with privacy standards for your child’s safety. Your child would then engage in a 30 minute session over real time video directed by our trained clinicians.

Private pay $35 for sessions.

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