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Infant Feeding

The foundation of infant feeding is the assessment and intervention for the oral motor skills required of infant nutritive feeding (i.e. bottle and/or breast feeding) as well as non-nutritive function (i.e. sucking, oral reflexes). Red flags which may indicate an evaluation include difficulties with feeding, excessive gas, fussy, reflux, dislike for tummy time. A trained Speech-Language Pathologist and/or Occupational Therapist will also be able to identify the areas of concern as it relates to tethered oral tissue (also known as TOTs) and impacts oral motor function. If your child is preparing for a frenectomy, therapists are also trained in providing pre- and post- frenectomy care to ensure you and your child are prepared for the procedure and able to complete necessary exercises to maximize outcomes.

As your child ages and is ready for the transition to solids, therapists can provide guidance for food introduction and ensure appropriate oral motor skills are present for food acceptance. For your older baby, red flags for feeding include gagging, limited hand to mouth exploration, limited acceptance of solid foods, and difficulty with meeting expected motor milestones.

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