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Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention Services

Is your child struggling with tics or Tourette syndrome? At Associates in Pediatric Therapy, our CBIT-trained occupational therapists offer a non-medicinal, personalized approach to tic management. Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) is an evidence-based program that empowers children and their families to understand and manage tics through therapy and tailored home programs. Our therapists specialize in assessing how tics impact daily life and developing strategies to minimize their interference.

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention Services

What is CBIT?

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics, or “CBIT”, is a non-medicated treatment for tic disorders, such as Tourette syndrome. Tics are defined as sudden, quick, repeating, rhythmic movements or vocalizations. CBIT combines psychoeducation and behavioral therapy to help manage tics. CBIT is not a cure for tics, but rather a management strategy to improve quality of life.

Why choose Associates in Pediatric Therapy for CBIT?

CBIT is an 8-10 week protocol that focuses on tic awareness and habit reversal training, although this can vary depending on the child. Practice at home and other natural environments is key to success; thus, a large emphasis is placed on a home program and caregiver involvement.

Who may benefit from CBIT?

There is no age requirement for CBIT; however, a child must be able to discuss their tics, follow directions, problem solve, recognize feelings and movement, and have some degree of awareness when their tic is happening.

How APT Can help

Associates in Pediatric Therapy has occupational therapists who are trained to perform this treatment virtually or in person. Our CBIT-trained occupational therapists use their unique lens for assessing how a person participates in activities in their daily life and figuring out a plan to manage interference of tics.