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St. Matthews ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is the application of effective and compassionate procedures that have been field tested and backed by years of sound research to reduce socially significant problem behaviors and replace them with adaptive, more functional behaviors. Socially significant problem behaviors can include aggression, learning deficits, or any behavior that can severely impact the ability of a person to live meaningful life.

Behavior Analysts look at behaviors not as characteristics of an individual, but as a means for the person to interact with their environment; all behaviors serve a purpose, and once we determine the purpose of the behavior, they can replace it. This allows behavior analysts to see all individuals as human beings instead of a set of behaviors, and that any problem behavior, no matter how seemingly a “part” of the individual, can be replaced with a socially acceptable behavior that serves the same purpose so that the person is not reduced or minimized, but attains their autonomy and enriches their relationships with those they love.

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