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Shelby  County Pediatric Audiology


Dr. Amy Oliver, APT’s Audiologist, provides complete hearing evaluations for our patients in our Shelbyville office, located at 90 Howard Drive, Shelbyville, KY 40065. Hearing evaluations include: Pure Tone Air and Bone Conduction Audiometry, Speech Audiometry, Tympanometry, and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAEs). Dr. Oliver provides a full range of hearing evaluations for both children and adults. Dr. Oliver provides a full range of hearing evaluations for both children and adults. Testing will indicate any hearing loss, along with the degree and type of loss, functioning of the cochlear outer hair cells, as well as function of the middle ear system and the ability to understand speech.

When Should I Be Concerned?

The following list can serve as a guideline of the upper age limits of language development and when you should request an evaluation with an audiologist and a speech-language pathologist:

  • 12 Months: No differing babbling sounds or vocal imitations
  • 18 Months: No use of single words
  • 24 Months: Vocabulary of 10 single words or less
  • 30 Months: Vocabulary of 100 words or less; Difficult to understand; No 2-word combinations
  • 36 Months: No 2-3 word sentences
  • 48 Months: Vocabulary of 600 words or less; No use of sentences; Clarity of speech is 80% or less

Whom Can Dr. Oliver See?

Dr. Oliver accepts Passport, Humana, Anthem and many more health insurances. She is also certified to provide Hearing Devices to all ages, not just the pediatric population.

If you would like to have your child’s hearing tested or have any questions for our audiologist, feel free to call us today.

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