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Who needs Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT)?

Children who have suffered an injury, undergone surgery, have a congenital condition or developmental delays can benefit from physical therapy programs. We are offer physical therapy for kids with a variety of needs for children ages 0-18. Our physical therapist can assess joint range of motion, muscle power, neurological function, motor control and posture to improve a child’s balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

Why is PT important?

We realize that a child’s job is to play! Our physical therapists are concerned with a child’s ability to participate in movement activities such as crawling, walking, running, playing games and participating in sports. In addition, physical therapists can help the children who rely on mobility devices learn to navigate safely in various environments.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy overlap in many areas, due to how interrelated the different parts of the human body are. Typically, physical therapy treats the lower body, occupational therapy treats the upper body and speech therapy focuses on treating the jaw, lips, throat and tongue. We use a holistic, family-centered approach in our therapy services, designed to complement one another with the goal of helping our patients advance to their next therapeutic level.

How long will my child need PT?

Every child is different and as such, we treat each client like an individual. Some children will only need to see us for a short time , depending on their situation, such as  a sports injury or a reluctant walker. Physical therapy for kids with significant developmental delays and other disabilities  may require more time and frequency.

What type of tools does a therapist use?

Our  physical therapy for kids includes a therapeutic gym, soft play room and a Snoezelen Room, among other numerous tools. We have a rock wall, stairs, swings, jungle gym, ball pit, trampoline, therapy balls, water bed……the list goes on!  Therapist use music, balls, manipulative and age appropriate games to engage the children in each therapy session.

Our physical therapists want to help children reach optimal independence and adequate physical functioning at home, at school, on the playground and in their community.  We can even help teach parents how to continue their child’s care at home to help them develop even further.