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May Patient Spotlight: Ethan!

Ethan is a smart, sweet little boy who has overcome Verbal Apraxia through early intervention. He has been with APT since the age of two as a patient of Renea Sageser (SLP and CEO of APT), and has progressed from unintelligible speech and frustrations with communication to being able to speak clearly and be understood […]

Learning Communication Skills through Fun

by Lianne Kustes, Speech-Language Pathologist Working with little ones means that you get to have FUN while teaching them effective ways to communicate and build language skills! Use toys in their “purposeful” way, but also in creative and different ways other than what they are “meant” for. For example: use a bowling set to work […]

APT January Snowman Picture Contest

Hey Kiddos (and parents) we are starting something new at APT. It is a monthly picture contest for all the kids who come to us for therapy.     • Get one copy of the snowman page from your therapist during the month of Jan. • Decorate and add details to Mr. Snowman at home (or if possible with your therapist’s […]