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May 2013 Employee of the Month

Amy is a physical therapist and has been working for APT since 2011.  Amy has an undeniable passion for kids and their families and it shows!  She works hard to deliver evidence based practice strategies during her treatment sessions to advance her patients to the next therapeutic level.  Amy has also built strong relationships with the APT staff by not only having fun at work, but attending many social events.  We love you Amy! Congratulations! Read the Q&A below to get to know Amy better.

Q When did you decide you wanted to be a therapist?  

A I decided I wanted to be a therapist when I graduated from High School in 1999, but there was a large decline in the need for therapists at the time and I was advised not to take that route. After I graduated from my undergraduate degree program in 2007, I decided to pursue Physical Therapy as the need had increased. I graduated from Bellarmine University in 2009.

Q What made you choose APT? What’s the best part about working at here?

A I wanted to work at APT because they offered the best opportunity for Pediatrics. One of the things I like about APT is the flexibility and variety of settings that I am able to practice in. I also love the fact that it is a family centered company.My favorite part of my job is when children reach goals or demonstrate skills that they weren’t able to achieve previously.

Q Please share a memorable success story that took place since you’ve been part of APT.

A Recently I had a child reach a huge milestone by taking their first independent steps! After two years of working together it was amazing to see this goal reached! Moments like these are the reason that I became a Physical Therapist!