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Social Skills

What is Self Regulation?

Emotions, sensory input, and changes in routine are everyday parts of life we all must cope with and monitor. We begin to learn this at a young age. But sometimes, this can be more challenging for some children to learn than others due to their ability to self-regulate.   Self-regulation is the ability to manage and […]

Benefits of Playing Board Games

Are you looking for a fun, easy way to address your child’s deficits at home? One of my favoriteactivities to complete during OT sessions is playing board games! It is an activity that is fun, butaddresses many different deficits such as attention, direction following, turn-taking, social skills,and more. Here are my favorite games to play […]

Social Games & Verbal Routines

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What are social games/verbal routines? Social games/verbal routines are interactive songs, finger games/rhymes with hand motions, and repetitions of the same phrases/sentences of language in the context of a playful activity that are beneficial to building social interaction and learning language. Social games and verbal routines are FUN for kids because they are repetitive, easy […]

Social Emotional Skills

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Social emotional skills are what we all use in order to build strong relationships with others and to express and manage our emotions. They’re important for our daily interactions!   Where to start? One of the basic emotional skills for kids is to be able to understand how they’re feeling. In order for kids to […]

Target Social Skills at Home

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I am Kelly Thompson, a pediatric speech language pathologist at APT. I love working on social thinking skills with the pediatric population. It is so fun and rewarding seeing my patients build friendships with their peers, using different social thinking skills that we have learned  in speech therapy. I have gained a lot of my […]