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Executive Functioning and Occupational Therapy 

Family playing a board game

What are executive functioning skills?   Executive functions are a set of mental skills we use to learn, play, and successfully participate in day-to-day activities.   10 Key Executive Function Skills  What Does Executive Dysfunction Look Like?  How Can Occupational Therapy Help?   Executive function skills play a big role in our ability to complete day-to-day tasks. Therefore, […]

Let’s talk tics and treatment!

Both motor and vocal tics can significantly interfere with one’s quality of life. For example, a child may feel embarrassed or anxious when all eyes are on them (i.e., sports, reading in class, etc.), get in trouble for disrupting class, or avoid tasks that cause an increase in their tics. Because tics can impede a […]

Check Out My Skills! – Preschool Age

Preschool aged kids range from 3-5 years old. During this time, children go through a period of learning and refining gross motor skills, starting with basic skills such as running and jumping to advanced skills like skipping and jumping while turning. The checkpoints listed below are loosely taken from a standardized test, in which each […]

Primitive Reflex Integration Exercise Ideas 

What are Primitive Reflexes?  Automatic motor responses that originate from our primitive or survival brain.   Why does Integration of Reflexes Matter?  Integration of primitive reflexes lay the foundation for higher level learning. Retained primitive reflexes or active primitive reflexes can interfere with the development of more mature, voluntary movement patterns including postural reflexes, balance, ability […]

The Power of Play

For children who are learning language, play is one of the most impactful activities that you can use to target skills at home. Play is how our children first experience the world around them. They truly are sponges and absorb so much from our interactions with them. There are several strategies that you can use […]

When should I be concerned about my child’s grasp?

Child writing with a pen

This is a common question that is often asked of a pediatric OT when working with kids ages birth to 6 years of age. To answer this question let’s first look at some red flags that may indicate a concern in a child’s grasp development and then discuss the typical sequence of grasp development in […]

Low Stress Strategies to Bring Feeding Therapy Home for the Picky Eater

Do you ever feel like you are struggling to get your child to eat even though they are getting feeding therapy from an occupational therapist or speech language pathologist? Here are some easy tips from your APT-Chattanooga feeding therapist: Make a plan for when you will address the child therapeutically during mealtime: Would your feeding […]

New Location for Bullitt County!!

Don’t worry! We are not moving far….from Suite 17 to Suites 5-7. We are excited to have more space to grow and server our patients and families!!!!

Back to School Tutoring and Hearing Tests

Make sure your child is ready for school with the help of Associates in Pediatric Therapy! Schedule a kindergarten hearing test with our Audiologist, Dr. Amy Oliver. We also offer back to school tutoring with one of our certified teachers. We off help in reading, math and writing. Contact us to schedule your appointment online, […]