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Ways to Practice Dressing at Home  

Dressing is an important part of your child becoming independent, but when should you expect them to meet their dressing milestones? Dressing skills consist of putting on and taking off clothes (shirts and shorts/pants), putting on and taking off shoes and socks, being able to complete fasteners (buttons, zippers, snaps), and tying shoes.   Dressing Milestones  […]

Tips & Tricks for Nail Trimming

Let’s talk about a self-care tasks that many kiddos struggle to tolerate…..nail trimming! Whether it be toes or fingernails, the process of getting nails trimmed can be a struggle for many different reasons and as occupational therapists, we are trained to help. Here are some tips and tricks you can try with your child to […]

“Get That Poo Out of You!” – Part 1

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Home Hacks for Children with Constipation “Mommmyyyy,” I hear coming from the bathroom, “come look at this! It’s huge!” Once again, it’s my then three-year-old calling me to come look at his most recent bowel movement. Rather than beaming with pride as he was, I was concerned that my child was having so much trouble […]

Let’s Get Cooking!

Family At Home Preparing Meal In Kitchen Together

Eating is an essential part of everyone’s life. So why not include the whole family in the cooking process? Growing up, we would have what we called, “Try Something New Sunday” where one family member would pick something new for the family to try. It was a fun way to engage the whole family in […]

“But I’m Not Sleepy!”

Mother putting blanket on and stroking head for her little girl

As an occupational therapist and an “instant parent” with foster children, I have spent a lot of time researching, thinking, trialing, and working on sleep for all four of my children! My oldest has the highest need for sleep and also the most difficulty with sleeping. We have spent a great deal of effort adjusting […]