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Oldham County Pediatric Aqua Therapy

child swimming in pool

How can aqua therapy benefit my child?

When immersed in water, your child is able to perform exercises that may not be possible on dry land. Simply put, water reduces the pressure on his bones and joints, enabling him to move about more freely. Specially trained therapists engage your child in exercises that are gentle to his body while producing a multitude of health and strength benefits, including:

• Increased muscle tone
• Improved coordination
• Increased endurance
• Stress relief

And that’s not all. Depending on your child’s ability, she may also be able to do some aerobic exercises such as walking, kicking, jumping, or actual swimming. These heart conditioning moves help keep your child healthy by giving her a safe and fun way to exercise.

Water activities provide autistic children with proprioceptive and tactile input. Children with autism have significant sensory difficulties, and are very easily distracted. These children over or under react to stimuli in their environment and have very strong reactions to certain textures. The warm water provides a safe and supported environment, which not only supports the children, but also provides them with hydrostatic pressure that surrounds their body in the water. This pressure actually soothes and calms the children, providing the necessary sensory input they crave.

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