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Work It Out Together and Stay Strong!

Are you a couple with a special needs child?  Do you know a couple that has a special needs child?   This is the perfect opportunity to get away from the everyday stresses that strain a relationship when a child with special needs is involved.  As you may be aware, the divorce rate for couples raising a child with special needs is close to 90%, which is more than double the national average.  Being married is certainly challenging enough, but when you add in the additional strains and stresses that come with raising a child with special needs it sometimes can be too much for some couples. 

There is hope for you couples out there trying to work it out and stay strong to support each other in difficult situations.  Rising Above is hosting the Two-gether Marriage Retreat for couples raising a child with special needs.  Their hope and goal with this Two-gether Weekend is to provide couples with the tools necessary to help their marriage survive and thrive as they address the unique challenges that special needs families face. 

The speakers during the retreat are all either parents of children with special needs or are experienced in special needs.  So, they “get it”.  There are a few spots still available, so join the Two-gether Couples Retreat to enrich your marriage, April 21-22 at the historic and romantic Chattanooga Choo Choo in Chattanooga, TN.  Registration opens at 11:30 EST on Saturday, April 21st and the retreat will wrap up on Sunday, April 22nd at noon.  For more information or details checkout this brochure Twogether brochure or visit their website