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Going on a “Sensory Diet”?

Have you heard the phrase “sensory diet” and wondered what it meant?  Well, it’s not really about food – a sensory diet is a series of daily activities that allow a child to remain calm and focused.  The types of activities included in your diet plan will vary from child to child or even day to day, depending on what situations he or she encounters.  Some children respond well to deep pressure and will enjoy lots of hugs and squeezes – pressure vests and compression shirts are great for these kids.  You can also try weighted blankets or vests.  Others need lots of physical activity – swings and trampolines can give your child controlled bursts of thetype of  activity he or she craves.   Other children enjoy the feel of dry rice, beans or pasta on their hands, or love to swish their hands and fingers through water or finger paint.  There are dozens of ways to meet your child’s sensory needs throughout the day just using what you have at home!

Here are a few resources to help you create your own sensory diet for your child:

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Sensory Diet – example